Gotek flashfloppy dual drive support

SW changes for Flashfloppy source code

Compiled stm32f105 target files:

Set jumpers as in the picture. This routes the second flat cable ID pin to uC pin PA2 to drive interrupt. No other HW modifications needed. Speaker that was using same pin cannot be used.

Jumper settings

Prepare dual images

Save images in memorystick starting with DSKA* and DSKB*

Edit FF.CFG:

nav-mode = indexed

IMG.CFG uses now normal configuration. Example of IMG.CFG:

cyls = 80
heads = 2
tracks = 0-80
  secs = 10
  bps = 1024
cyls = 80
heads = 2
tracks = 0-80
  secs = 18
  bps = 512

USB Dual image package for Hunter alingment system:

My Hunter was booting successfully and using both disk drive data from single Gotek emulator.

Some notes:
– Gotek status led is not working for the second select signal as it is hard wired to the first one